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About Johnny’s Pizza

Johnny’s Pizza is a franchise name, describing an amazing pizza restaurant headquartered in the state of Georgia. The brand has built a reputation as the go-to destination for when you want pizza the New York style. Available at select places, this brand focuses on using fresh and authentic ingredients including making their dough fresh on a daily basis.

Johnny’s New York Style Pizza traces its origins back to 1965 during the time of the Manlius New York-based Johnny Pace. This was the place where Johnny’s Pizza’s Bruce Jackson started in the pizza industry at the age of 16. Over a 3-year span, the pizzeria entrepreneur had mastered the appetite to own and operate his joint, hence the birth of Johnny’s Pizza with its first location being right after Syracuse University campus alongside his partner and friend, Scott Allen. Once the two pizzapreneurs were established, they decided to relocate to a much warmer place where they would continue in their trade, hence Atlanta, Georgia.

Poised to bring the New York-style pizza to the world, Johnny’s Pizza employs the services and expertise of skilled and experienced chefs who are passionate about pizza and are committed to satisfying every pizza expectation of their customers.

Johnny’s Pizza Menu

As part of their menu, Johnny’s Pizza has a long list of offerings categories under 12 brackets. These include starters, salads, pizzas, specialty pizzas, cauliflower/gluten-free pizza, dinners, subs, calzones/Stromboli, kids, desserts, lunch specials, and even offer a nutrition calculator for their esteemed customers.

Starters on the menu list vary depending on the location and may include the likes of garlic bread (with marinara and with cheese marinara), garlic knots, Johnny’s bruschetta, Insalata Caprese (fresh mozzarella), cheese bread stix with marinara, wings, and fried mozzarella sticks with marinara.

Under salads, there is a long list of salad varieties that you can order, including but not limited to a garden salad, chef salad, Caesar salad, Greek salad, fresh spinach salad, salad dressings, and others.

You can also get pizza with the topping of your choice. Among the available toppings include , Green Peppers, Pepperoni, Mushrooms, Onions, Black Olives, Italian Sausage, Green Olives, Ground Beef, Canadian Bacon, Minced Garlic, Jalapeno Peppers, Fresh Spinach, Extra Thick Crust, Sliced Tomatoes, and Banana Peppers under the regular category.

You can also get toppings of Red Onions, Sundried Tomatoes, Artichoke Hearts, Extra Cheese, Anchovies, Fresh Basil, Asiago Cheese, Pineapple, Sliced Meatball, Feta Cheese, Bacon, Eggplant, and Pesto under the specialty category and steak, breaded chicken, grilled chicken, and fresh mozzarella under the premium category.

Does Johnny’s Pizza Have Military Discount?

Johnny’s Pizza does not have any price offers specifically for the military and veterans. Nonetheless, the brand appreciates the men in uniform for their service and is always looking for ways to show this. To this end, Johnny’s Pizza has rolled out many other deals, offers, price discounts, and related promotions that the military and veterans can take advantage of to enjoy a taste of their favorite pizza. Other than the scrumptious taste that these offerings provide, they also represent a huge money-saved kind of outcome that anyone would be willing to grab. These deals are available online and anyone looking to find them should check the website.

Does Johnny’s Pizza Have Student Discount?

While many other stores offer student discounts, Johnny’s Pizza is not one of them. However, the brand compensates for this by making the best pizza ever baked. This is a credit to the pizza-making skills and prowess featured within their stores. Students can also take advantage of the many discounts that Johnny’s Pizza offers that would still see them have the best pizza experience while saving a significant amount of money. These deals run for a defined duration hence the need to keep tabs through their website or social media so that you will be able to spot them the moment they are live.

Does Johnny’s Pizza Have Senior Discount?

There are no senior discounts available as offered by Johnny’s Pizza. This however does not mean that the brand does not appreciate seniors for their role in society. In fact, seniors are one of Johnny’s Pizza’s most valued customers and the brand is always looking to provide opportunities that can add value to their lives. To this end, Johnny’s Pizza has taken the initiative to set up many discounts, offers, and promotions that customers, seniors included, can take advantage of to enjoy very delicious pizza at very affordable prices. To know about these offers you can visit the website and follow Johnny’s Pizza on their Facebook and social media accounts.

Does Johnny’s Pizza Have Teacher Discount?

There are no pizza discounts available as offered by Johnny’s Pizza so far, but the brand maintains its commitment to enriching the lives of its customers, including teachers. Teachers are among Johnny’s Pizza’s most valued customers and they are always looking to enrich their lives just like that of other customers. With this in mind, Johnny’s Pizza has rolled out many offers and initiatives targeted at ensuring that customers enjoy their best flavors of pizza at reasonable prices. Teachers can therefore follow the pizza brand on social media or visit the website to identify offers that perfectly align with their pizza appetites.

Does Johnny’s Pizza Have Special Discount?

There are many discounts and offers that are offered at Johnny’s Pizza. These discounts are all special in their way and can be tracked via social media or through the website. These special discounts can be leveraged by everyone to enjoy a taste of their best pizza at pocket-friendly prices. Among these include the coupons and promo codes which come with different values as discounts. The customer will have to present or type in the code at the check-out stage and immediately the deduction will be made from their bills. These special discounts are present during different times of the year and customers are always invited to enjoy them.

Does Johnny’s Pizza Have First Order Discount?

In as much as Johnny’s Pizza welcomes new customers and encourages them to invite others, currently, there are no first-order discounts in place to welcome them in. At the same time, however, Johnny’s Pizza ensures that there are as many offers running as possible and new customers, just like the existing ones, can also take advantage of them. To know when and how to use them, the brand encourages customers to visit their website occasionally as this is the spot where such communications are made. Alternatively, you can find such kinds of communication online through their social media pages like Facebook.

Does Johnny’s Pizza Have BOGO deal?

Johnny’s Pizza has many deals in place and one of them is the BOGO deal. Many customers look to Johnny’s Pizza for their lunch as the place delivers lunch in style. As part of the BOGO deal, lunch is served as a buffet where customers get to enjoy amazing pizza buffets. Such deals are accompanied by exceptional customer service and are often a very good deal when you come with your friend, family, loved one, or colleague. To enjoy Johnny’s Pizza’s BOGO deal, get ready for its next round by keeping tabs with their communication to see when the BOGO deal is coming next.

Does Johnny’s Pizza Have Free Delivery?

Johnny’s Pizza does not offer free delivery services to customers. However, the brand encourages the customers to bring in third-party services for delivery purposes. There are many companies that provide delivery services. One such example is Grubhub, which has agreed to offer free delivery for all orders at Johnny’s Pizza, but the condition is that you must be a member. To enjoy the free delivery service, you must be having a Grubhub+ membership. Once you have these, any order you make, within the prescribed region, will be delivered absent any charges so you can enjoy your pizza right where you are.

How to use Johnny’s Pizza Coupons Online

It is very easy to use Johnny’s Pizza’s coupons online. The process follows that first, you have to choose the items you want to load onto your online cart. Once they are all added, you verify the items on the cart and thereafter key in the coupon code. This would be on the same page and immediately the code is provided the discount will be applied to your bill so that you can enjoy your order at reduced prices. One key consideration is that the coupon must conform to the items on your order because the coupons are order-specific.

Johnny’s Pizza Rewards

As part of their customer appreciation program, Johnny’s Pizza has reward offerings to their customers. One of such rewards is the dough rewards where customers have a chance to earn dough. To do this, you create an online account or download their app. The next step is to make your order so that you can earn points for every dollar spent and in the end, these points can be redeemed for free pizza or other delicacies.

At 100 points, you are able to redeem your points for a $5 reward that can be used on your next order at Johnny’s Pizza.

Johnny’s Pizza Returns

Johnny’s Pizza handles returns very professionally as guided by the terms and conditions of their service. As per these conditions, the pizza joint does not compensate the customer for orders not collected. This means that if you place an order and fail to collect, Johnny’s Pizza does not accept liability. As a means to discourage instances of order returns, Johnny’s Pizza strives to ensure that all orders are prepared with the utmost professionalism, attention to detail, and time management. This is one of the strategies to ensure that customers are satisfied and that they will not have any causes for returning an order.

Johnny’s Pizza Locations

Johnny’s Pizza has restaurants spread out across many regions in the world. These locations have different daily deals among other offerings. However, they reserve a matching menu and recipe so your pizza experience at one of their restaurants will be similar to the one on the next, if not better. All their locations are served by professionals with adequate skills, experience, passion, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Customers are encouraged to look for a Johnny’s Pizza restaurant anywhere they are and use the spot as their go-to place for a chance to enjoy amazing pizzas. The coupons and discounts will be accepted and recognized in any of the locations.

Johnny’s Pizza Gift card

There are gift cards by Johnny’s pizza available on the ready for purchase on the website. You can therefore buy a Johnny’s Pizza gift card and use it as a token to appreciate your friend or loved ones on their wedding day, birthday, and graduation, or on normal days. These gift cards can be presented during their order purchases and will attract amazing discounts or totally cover the bill depending on the value of the gift card. The highlight of this gift card is that it can be sent via email, which means that you can be in a different location and still be there for your friend on their special day.

Johnny’s Pizza Shopping Tips

It is always important to give tips to the attendants when they serve you. To this end, Johnny’s Pizza encourages customers to be as generous as to give tips to help those who serve you feel motivated, appreciated, and encouraged. Nonetheless, the tips are not mandatory and customers should never feel compelled to give anything. More importantly, the attendants at the outlets are not allowed to demand for any tips after service. Johnny’s Pizza is a reputed place and all the personnel have undergone significant training so that they can execute their responsibilities with the utmost professionalism, care, dedication, and expertise.

Does Johnny’s Pizza have Deal of the day?

There are many deals available at all the locations of Johnny’s Pizza. These deals vary between any two locations and are revised frequently so that it becomes impossible to find the same deal of the day twice in one location. Other than eliminating the element of redundancy, these deals ensure that customers are kept interested in what the brand offers. To be part of these deals and enjoy amazing recipes at very affordable prices, customers are encouraged to keep current by making frequent visits to the brand’s website where such deals and offers are communicated. You can also get similar information on their social media pages like Facebook.

Does Johnny’s Pizza have 50% off?

Johnny’s Pizza has many promo codes running all year long, each with different offerings and related packages. Like the rest of the deals, you can find this deal by visiting the website or their Facebook page. The 50% off deal is part of the brand’s competitor coupon, where customers are encouraged to use their coupon codes and the lucky winners will get 50% off their bill stripped for any pizza flavor in any of the outlets. These deals expire and sometimes even run out, hence the need to always remain informed so that once they go live, you are part of them and have a fair chance at enjoying such an amazing deal.

50% Off Johnny's Pizza (New York Style) Coupons & Promo Codes, Deals (May.2024) (2024)


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