Five Ways To Tell If Your Stanley Cup Is Fake - The Stan Collector (2024)

If you are a fan of Stanley Cups, then you know that is the trend.

These 40-ounce tumblers can keep your drinks cold for up to two days, and they come in vibrant colors.

They may also cost you more than you bargained for.

Some sellers may scam you with shady deals or discounts.

For instance, TikTok and Instagram shops.

So how can you tell the difference between a genuine Stanley cup and a fake one? And how can you avoid getting scammed by these impostors?

I will share my experience of buying two Stanley cups online, one pink and one cream, and how I compared them to see which one was real and which was fake.

I will also give you five tips on how to spot fake Stanley cups and how to buy from reliable sources.

My Experience of Buying Two Stanley Cups Online

I first heard about Stanley Cups from TikTok, where I saw many influencers and celebrities raving about them. I was intrigued by their features and their colors and decided to buy one for myself.

When searching online for the best deals, I found two sellers that offered Stanley cups for different prices.

One seller had a pink Stanley cup for $200, and the other seller had a cream Stanley cup for $30.00. Both prices included taxes and shipping.

I thought that the pink Stanley was too expensive, but the cream tumbler was too cheap. I was curious to see if there was any difference between them, so I decided to buy both of them and compare them.

When I received the packages, I noticed that they had similar packaging, with the same labels, logos, and images. They also had the same inserts, cardboard pieces, and bubble wrap.

The only difference was that the pink cup had a clear and hard plastic straw, while the cream cup had a frosted and soft plastic straw.

I unwrapped the cups and examined them more closely and noticed the Stanley logo was not the same.

I measured the handles of the cups and saw that they had different heights.

Similarly, the handle was also attached to the body of the cup with two screws. The cream tumbler had a flimsy and loose handle that was lower than the top lip of the cup.

I checked the color of the cups and saw that they had different shades. The pink tumbler was vibrant and had an even color throughout the cup.

The cream cup was dull with a faded color, with spots and scratches on it. I also searched online for the official colors of Stanley cups, and I found out that the cream color was never released by Stanley.

I tapped the cups and heard that they had different sounds. The pink one had a heavier and solid sound, while the cream one had a lighter and hollow sound.

From doing this little experiment, I now know that the pink Stanley cup was the real cup while the cream tumbler was not.

Real Vs Fake Stanley

Here’s a table outlining the differences between a real VS a fake Stanley.

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How to Spot a Fake Stanley Tumbler: A Guide to the Real Deal

FeatureReal StanleyFake StanleyHow to Spot the Fake
StrawFrosted and wider than a standard strawClear plastic strawLook for a straw that has a slightly rough, frosted texture and a wider diameter than a typical drinking straw.
Stan the Bear EtchingFaint and well-defined etching of a bear named StanNo etching, or a poorly done, shallow impressionA real Stanley will have a subtle but clear etching of a bear on the cup. If the bear is missing or looks rough and uneven, it’s a red flag.
Grooves Around EtchingDeep and well-definedShallow or poorly formedRun your finger along the grooves around the bear etching. They should be crisp and noticeable on a genuine Stanley.
Stainless Steel Ring FitMeets the plastic top flush with no gapGap between the ring and the plastic topThe stainless steel ring should sit seamlessly against the plastic top, with no visible space in between.
Handle FitAlmost completely touches the stainless steel ringGap between the handle and the ringThe handle on a real Stanley should sit very close to the stainless steel ring, with minimal space. Fakes often have a noticeable gap here.
Logo Feel (Blind Test)Not felt when rubbing the bottle with your eyes closedFelt when rubbing the bottle with your eyes closedClose your eyes and run your hand over the cup. You shouldn’t feel the logo if it’s a real Stanley. If the logo is raised or easily detectable by touch, it’s likely a fake.
Handle Adjustment ToolRequires a hex key or traditional screwUses a random or non-standard toolReal Stanleys use a hex key or a regular screw for handle adjustments. If the handle requires a strange tool you don’t recognize, it’s a sign of a fake.
Recycling SymbolPresent on the bottom inside the cupAbsent or poorly markedLook for the recycling symbol with arrows on the bottom interior of the cup. Genuine Stanleys will have this symbol clearly marked.
UPC StickerLocated on the bottom of the cupMissing or poorly printedThere should be a UPC sticker with a barcode on the bottom of the cup. Fakes may lack this sticker entirely, or it might be blurry or poorly printed.
Writing UnderlineNo underline on any textText is underlinedCheck the writing on the cup. Real Stanleys will not have any underlined text.
WeightBody weight: 585-588 grams. Lid weight: 75-76 gramsLighter weight than specified rangesWeigh your Stanley (body only and body with lid) and compare it to these weight ranges. A significantly lighter weight suggests a fake.
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Five Ways To Spot A Fake Stanley Cup

1. Check the logo

The real Stanley Cup has a clear and crisp logo on the front, with the word “Stanley” in capital letters and a small star above the “A”.

The logo is also close to the top rim of the cup. The fake cups may have a blurry, faded, or distorted logo, or no logo at all. Some may even have a different brand name, such as “Iron Flask” or “Hydro Flask”.

2. Check the bottom.

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The real Stanley cup has the correct spelling of “patent”, “scald”, and “Seattle” on the bottom, along with other information such as the model number, the capacity, and the warning.

The fake cups may have incorrect spelling of these words or missing or different information.

3. Check the handle.

The real Stanley cup has a sturdy and ergonomic handle that is close to the top lip of the cup. The handle is also attached to the body of the cup with two screws.

The fake cups may have a flimsy or loose handle or no handle at all. Some may have a handle that is glued or welded to the cup, which may break off easily.

4. Check the color.

The real Stanley Cup comes in a variety of vibrant and trendy colors. The colors are also consistent and even throughout the cup. The fake cups may have dull, faded, or mismatched colors or colors that are not available on the official Stanley website.

5. Check the price.

The real Stanley Cup retails for around $50 on the official Stanley website, Amazon, or other authorized sellers. The price may vary slightly depending on the color, size, or availability, but it should not be too low or too high.

The fake cups may be sold for much cheaper or much more expensive than the original price, depending on the seller’s strategy. If the price seems too good or too bad to be true, it probably is.

How to Avoid Getting Scammed by Fake Stanley Cups?

The best way to avoid getting scammed by fake Stanley cups is to buy from reliable sources. Always buy from the official Stanley website, Amazon, or other authorized sellers.

Do not trust any shady websites. Also, do not buy from random people on social media, such as TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube, who may be selling counterfeit products.

If you are not sure about the authenticity of a Stanley cup, you can always contact the customer service of Stanley or the seller, and ask for more details or proof.

You can also check the reviews and ratings of the product and the seller, and look for any red flags or complaints. You can also compare the product with the official images and descriptions on the Stanley website, and look for any discrepancies or inconsistencies.

Stanley also offers a lifetime warranty so look out for that.

Amazon And Fakes

Stanley Quencher H2.0 FlowState 40oz

  • Lifetime Warranty.
  • 90% recycled BPA-free stainless steel.
  • Fits in most car holders.
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I’ve noticed a lot of questions about buying Stanley Tumblers on Amazon. Here’s the lowdown to help you get the real deal:

  • “Stanley Store” ≠ Sold by Stanley: The “Stanley Store” link on Amazon is just their storefront. Items might be from third-party sellers.
  • “Multiple options” = Red flag: Listings with various prices from different sellers are likely, not authentic.
  • Safe bet: If it’s “Sold by Amazon” AND “Shipped by Amazon,” your chances of getting a real one are high.
  • Less reliable: “Sold by Amazon” but shipped by a third party increases your risk of a fake. Still, Amazon’s return policy protects you.
  • For the safest bet on Amazon, buy only those “Sold by” AND “Shipped from” Amazon.

Most Amazon sellers prioritize selling authentic items because selling fakes isn’t worth the risk. If you ever suspect a product is inauthentic, don’t hesitate to contact the seller and report the issue to Amazon. Amazon takes customer satisfaction seriously and will protect you – you’ll get your money back, and sellers will face consequences.


Do all real Stanley cups have a comma?
The comma is not a good way to tell. I have three real Stanleys and two have commas and one doesn’t.

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 Five Ways To Tell If Your Stanley Cup Is Fake - The Stan Collector (2024)


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