Idle Skilling Potions (2024)

1. Apothecary | Idle Skilling Wiki - Fandom

  • Cauldrons · Potions · Regular Potions · Darkmode Potions

  • The Apothecary is used to brew potions with permanent game bonuses using resources generated from Tilling and Botany. Ascension does not reset or change any aspect in Apothecary, but Rebirthing will only reset Apothecary level. Potions already crafted remain, and can continue to be crafted if they've been crafted beyond level 1. Cauldrons are the upgradeable "skillers" of Apothecary, which are used to discover and brew potions. Potion ( ) is increased by upgrading Value, and the rate of effect (

2. Cards/Apothecary - Idle Skilling Wiki - Fandom

  • Potion Cost Redux, 3%, 15%. C purple pot, Apothecary-6, Purple Pot, Chance for Double Potion Level Up, 6%, 30%. C demon pot, Apothecary-7, Demon Pot, Potion ...

  • in: Cards

3. Herblore - Melvor Idle

  • 6 dagen geleden · Skill training guides document optimal XP/hour methods to train a skill. Herblore is used to make potions that grant bonuses to various skills ...

4. Mobile - Idle Skilling - Potions - The Spriters Resource

5. Brewing - WIKI - Idle Pixel

  • Brewing is a skill that allows players to make their own potions from various ingredients, mostly gained via Farming. Potions created with the Brewing skill ...

6. Alchemy - IdleOn MMO Wiki

  • Alchemy · Alchemy Skill Icon.png Alchemy · Skill Info · Contents · Brewing · Liquids · Vials · Pay 2 Win · Level up Gift Rewards.

  • In the Brewing Tab, you assign players to cauldrons to fill up the big bar. Once filled you can empty it to unlock new bubbles, or just upgrade the cauldron itself. Most bubbles are passive, so you always get their bonus. The large bubbles are active, and must be equipped onto a character to get the bonus. Each character may equip one bubble by default, though this limit can be raised to two via a bribe and the third/final time and final time by defeating Round 100 in Breeding. A single bubble may be equipped to any number of characters simultaneously.

7. Resources - Idle Skilling Wiki - Fandom

8. Full Sheet View - Idle Skilling - Potions - The Spriters Resource

  • Full view of Idle Skilling - Potions.

9. Herblore Potion - Melvor Idle

  • 20 dec 2023 · While active, a charge will be consumed for each potion creation action, providing a chance to create an additional potion of a random tier.

  • This page is up to date (v1.3).

10. Alchemy/Vials - IdleOn MMO Wiki

  • 4 mei 2024 · When converting Skill EXP into Class EXP using the 'EXP CONVERTER' star talent, you'll get {1%/level} more Class EXP than you usually do.

11. Herblore - OSRS Wiki

  • Herblore is a members-only skill that allows players to make their own potions from herbs and various secondary ingredients.

12. Gem Shop - Idle Skilling Wiki - Fandom

  • 0 - Godly Potions - Ignore this if you don't have a crazy amount of gems to spend. If you are P2W, godly potion coupons are the best way to get strong fast, ...

  • Gems are a currency in game which you can purchase for real life money and are used to buy various different items, services, and permanent bonuses. The quickest and easiest way to earn up to 60 gems is by clicking on LavaFlame2's Youtube, Discord, and Twitter links on the "Buy Gems" page. Once you've unlocked the second Contract shop, it's possible to buy a +2% chance per level (up to 20%) for a gem to drop in any Raid/Asylum encounter. With 12 tickets earned daily, this averages out to 2.4 gem

13. Melvor Idle - Performance Enhancing Potion III - Cyberscore

  • 6 feb 2023 · Mods installed via the in-game mod manager are allowed if and only if they are purely cosmetic mods with no effect on gameplay. Any modification ...

  • The 1st place submission on this chart is 30,623, held by Gilbster since 2024-03-22 02:30:19.

Idle Skilling Potions (2024)


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