Incredible 130-mile new train route taking tourists through beautiful seaside (2024)

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The price of this train ticket includes a series of lavish amenities, including a luxurious afternoon tea feast.

By Alice Scarsi, World News Reporter

Tourists looking to explore new landscapes while enjoying maximum comfort should take advantage of a newly-launched train service.

Vietnam is a popular destination among backpackers, but those who want to visit it with added comfort can now book a seat on the lavish Vietage train.

The brand, offered by hospitality giant Anantara, already provided a trip from the coastal city of Da Nang to Quy Nhon, in central Vietnam.

In mid-May, however, it started to offer a new 130-mile-long route, linking Quy Nhon to Nha Trang, the capital of the Khánh Hòa province on the south-central coast of Vietnam.

Kate Jones, Anantara’s head of PR, told CNN about this new route: "The main difference is that the new route connecting Nha Trang and Quy Nhon passes through many more coastal areas than the [other] journey.

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Incredible 130-mile new train route taking tourists through beautiful seaside (3)

The train crosses the Quy Nhon province (Image: GETTY-STOCK)

"There’s a selection of stunning bays and some striking coastline facing the East Sea."

Both rail journeys offered by Vietage will travel on Vietnam’s state-run commercial railway, Vietnam Railways.

The journey isn't made special just by the outstanding view travellers will be able to enjoy during the trip.

The ticket also includes a "luxury afternoon tea experience" featuring "local caviar, Vietnamese artisanal cheeses and a selection of cold cuts, free-flow selected wine, co*cktails, mocktails, teas, coffee and soft drinks", Vietage's website read.

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    To make the journey even more memorable, the ticket includes a 15-minute head and shoulder treatment, sure to get passengers relaxed in time for their arrival at their destination.

    The luxurious train will surely not be overcrowded, as each journey only accommodates 12 passengers, divided into six private booths.

    A similar treat doesn't come cheap, as a one-way ticket costs £330 ($420).

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    Incredible 130-mile new train route taking tourists through beautiful seaside (2024)


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