When did Juventus change logo? (2024)

When did Juventus change logo?

A New Approach From 2017 to 2020

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What does the Juventus logo mean?

The black and white stripes are the defining trait of the new visual identity and can be adapted to fit any setting. The Scudetto represents the club's determination to strive for victory, now and forever. And finally, the J – that most distinctive of initials – occupies a special place in the heart of every fan ...

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Why is Juventus in 13th place?

The Italian Football Federation (FIGC) announced on Friday evening that Juventus had been deducted 15 points for “financial irregularities” and “false accounting” in relation to historic transfer dealings – the exchange of players between clubs.

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What does the old lady mean in Juventus?

Juventus fans (mostly men) referred to the club as female, with the southern sections of the supporter base calling it la Fidanzata d'Italia (the Girlfriend of Italy). The 'Old' part of the nickname derives from the amusing irony that the name Juventus stems from 'youth' in Latin. It's a pun!

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When did Juventus start wearing black and white?

Founded in 1897 by a group of Torinese students, the club has worn a black and white striped home kit since 1903 and has played home matches in different grounds around its city, the latest being the 41,507-capacity Juventus Stadium.

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Why Juventus changed their logo?

"The idea of the rebrand was to reposition the club in the wider entertainment industry as a brand that was able to deliver lifestyle experiences," Ricci, who is now Juve's chief revenue officer, told Bleacher Report. "It was about being able to be identified as something wider than a pure football brand."

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Why did Juventus change their crest?

The new logo was designed to modernize the club's image and make it more appealing to a global audience. The change was met with mixed reactions from fans and the public, but the club's management believed it was necessary to position Juventus as a more contemporary and marketable brand. At first I hated it.

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What was Juventus old name?

Juventus F.C.
Full nameJuventus Football Club S.p.A.
Founded1 November 1897, as Sport-Club Juventus
GroundJuventus Stadium
OwnerAgnelli family (through EXOR N.V.)(BIT: JUVE)
12 more rows

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Why did FIFA ban Juventus?

The UEFA Club Financial Control Body (CFCB) has found Juventus guilty of breaking Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules, namely in providing fictitious information on the amount of player transfers and underreporting employee spending and salaries. These movements allegedly increased the club's capital by 700m euros.

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What is Juventus accused of?

The club were hit with an initial 15-point deduction by the the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) in January for "financial irregularities" and "false accounting" in relation to past transfer dealings.

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What are Juventus fans called?

Juventus Official Fan Club - Bianconeri.

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Why is Juventus pink?

Originally, Juventus' strip consisted of pink shirts and a black tie, which only happened because they were sent the wrong shirts - the father of one of the team's players manufactured the club's earliest kits, but the continuous washing of the jerseys made the colour fade drastically.

When did Juventus change logo? (2024)
Why is Turin called Juventus?

This paved the way for the club's name. In Latin, the name 'Juventus' means youth. They weren't aware of it yet, but on 1 November 1897, they had given birth to a legend. And so Italy's greatest football team was born, almost by chance.

Why does Juventus have Italian flag?

The scudetto (Italian for: "little shield", pronounced [skuˈdetto]) is a decoration having the colors of the flag of Italy which is sewn onto the jersey of the Italian sports clubs that won the highest level championship of their respective sport in the previous season.

Why does Juventus have 3 stars?

Juventus F.C. wear 3 stars above their crest to represent the 30 league championships they have amassed. Also present in the image are the Scudetto and the Coccarda, worn by the current holders of the Serie A and Coppa Italia titles respectively.

Who wears 21 for Juventus?

Squad Juventus FC
21Nicolò Fagioli Central Midfield2028
16Weston McKennie Central Midfield2025
20Fabio Miretti Central Midfield2027
41Hans Nicolussi Caviglia Central Midfield2026
22 more rows

What is the animal on the Juventus logo?

In 1905, Juventus introduced a logo that showcased an oval shape with a vertical stripe pattern. The emblem was surrounded by a frame and had a ribbon above it. The emblem featured a small shield containing a black bull and a white crown positioned between the animal and the nameplate.

What titles were Juventus stripped of?

The aftermath of Calciopoli – as the scandal was referred to in Italy – also saw the Old Lady stripped of their 2004/05 and 2005/06 league titles, leaving the disgraced institution of Italian football in complete and utter disarray.

What animal is on the Juventus badge?

Historic Juventus logos (seen below) have shown it to be a bull, standing aloft on its hind legs, however, it has also been reincarnated as a horse, and even at one point, it was a zebra.

What does Juventus mean in Italian?

'Iuventus' means 'youth' in Latin and that is why they went for 'Sport-Club Juventus' as their first name. The Juventus website even goes as far as saying the boys came up with the name specifically on a bench on Corso Re Umberto – one of Turin's most famous streets.

Who is Juventus rival?

The Juventus FC–AC Milan rivalry is a football derby between Juventus and Milan. Both teams rank among the most successful clubs in the country's football history and often compete for all major domestic honours. It is the oldest running and most played Italian derby, having been played since 1901.

Why did Juventus build a smaller stadium?

"We have to remember that Juve have historically struggled to attract fans to games," Digby added. "The club was averaging 37,000 fans during their 16-year stay at the Stadio delle Alpi, a ground which held up to 69,000 fans. That figure is why the club chose to build the new stadium on a much smaller scale.

Why is Juventus called Lady?

Some believe that it was coined by a journalist in a match report of their impressive performance against Genoa in 1931, while others think it was because the club's black and white stripes resembled an old lady's attire. Either way, the nickname has become synonymous with the club's branding.

Is Juventus Italian or Spanish?

Juventus is one of Italy's oldest and most successful clubs, with more Italian league championships than any other team. Juventus was founded in 1897 by a group of grammar school students. The team, which did not play an official league match until 1900, started out wearing pink shirts.

Why was Juventus stripped of title in 2005?

Moggi, despite maintaining his innocence, and Giraudo were found guilty of pressuring referees and procuring favourable officials through delegators. As a result, Juventus saw their league titles of 2004-05 and 2005-06, the latter wrapped up with 91 points, stripped.


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