Why has FIFA 23 been removed from EA Play? (2024)

Why has FIFA 23 been removed from EA Play?

However, FIFA 23 was likely removed due to the expiration of the EA and FIFA licensing deal. The nearly 30-year partnership came to an end in May of last year.

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Why is FIFA 23 no longer on EA Play?

FIFA 23's earlier-than-expected delisting could have something to do with the dissolution of EA's 30-year licensing relationship with FIFA. That ending came amid reports that EA was dissatisfied with gameplay restrictions and licensing costs demanded by FIFA.

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Did EA remove FIFA 23?

The FIFA soccer video game that gamers have enjoyed for years will disappear after its maker failed to strike a new licensing deal with world soccer's governing body. Electronic Arts Sports will instead introduce a new game — EA Sports FC — for 2023.

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Does EA Play give full access to FIFA 23?

It's not possible to play a full version of FIFA 23 via EA Play. You can get access to the full game by upgrading your subscription to EA Play Pro.

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Why EA removed FIFA?

The games' delisting is likely to be due to licensing issues. EA has parted ways with world football governing body FIFA after a 30-year partnership, and is now going it alone, rebranding its soccer series as EA Sports FC.

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Has FIFA stopped working with EA?

The FIFA soccer video game that gamers have enjoyed for years will disappear after its maker failed to strike a new licensing deal with world soccer's governing body. Electronic Arts Sports will instead introduce a new game — EA Sports FC — for 2023. The EA partnership with FIFA ends later this year.

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Is FIFA 23 no longer available?

Is FIFA 23 discontinued? FIFA 23 has been delisted on all storefronts, now only available to pick up through an EA Play subscription. This comes before its replacement, EA Sports FC 24, even launches, now only available in early access.

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What have EA done to FIFA 23?

New animations have been introduced to FIFA 23 to improve gameplay variety and immersion, including everything from new shots to passes and even goalkeeper saves.

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Am i banned on FIFA 23?

Sign in to your account on EA Help. Select Account support. Choose Ban history to see details on current and past bans and suspensions.

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Will FIFA 24 be on EA Play?


EA Play† is the ultimate game destination for anyone who loves EA titles.

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Why am I not getting EA Play Rewards?

If they are linked correctly, make sure you had a chance to restart the game and play a few rounds, If you still aren't seeing those, please get in touch with our support directly so they can verify that information and look into this further. You can contact our live support at help.ea.com.

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Do you get XP if you buy EA Play?

You'll receive the Season XP when you go to the Ultimate Team section. A pop-up will appear displaying that you'll receive 3500 XP.

Why has FIFA 23 been removed from EA Play? (2024)
Is EA losing FIFA rights?

In May of last year, EA Sports confirmed that its 30-year partnership with FIFA, soccer's governing body, was coming to an end—which, if you'd been playing FIFA (the game) since forever, was earth-shaking news. It all came down to money.

Why is EA shutting down games?

Take a look at the game in action below. As reported by Gamerficial, EA explained that shutting down these games will allow them to focus on more actively played titles. In fact, they argue that the following 12 games account for less than 1% of all of EA's live service players.

What is EA replacing FIFA with?

For 30 years, the name Fifa has been as synonymous with video games as it has with real-life football. But that is set to change. EA Sports FC, the new incarnation of the football simulator made by Electronic Arts (EA), hits the shelves this week.

What will FIFA 24 be called?

EA Sports FC 24 is the 31st overall installment of EA's football simulation games, and launched worldwide on 29 September 2023 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Will EA FC 24 have real teams?

This was so good to hear, as it means we'll be still receiving the same high quality, realistic representation of the various football leagues, clubs, and players we've all grown accustomed to. So while the FIFA name is gone, the game will retain the rights to use real clubs and players.

Will FIFA 24 be free?

EA Sports FC 24 will not be a free-to-play game.

This has been confirmed by the pre-order pages going live, with the product being fully priced just like FIFA used to be.

What does FIFA stand for?

The Fédération internationale de football association (French for 'International Association Football Federation'; abbreviated as FIFA and pronounced in English as /ˈfiːfə/) is the international governing body of association football, beach soccer, and futsal.

Why did FIFA change its name?

After a messy divorce, the long-running video game FIFA has got a rebrand, bringing a 30-year relationship to an end. In 2021, soccer's governing body said it would refuse to let EA Sports continue to use the FIFA name without a hike in the licensing fee.

What does FC 24 stand for?

FC: FC stands for Football Club, hinting at the passion for football that fuels the game's premise. 24: 24 relates to the year of the game's release. For example, EA FC 24 suggests the game was released or will be released in 2024.

Why is it so hard to defend in FIFA 23?

Defending in FIFA 23 may seem impossible, but it becomes much more approachable if you master the basics and practice patience. The game moves quickly, and often the biggest pitfall of playing in defense is trying to do too much.

Is Russia banned from FIFA 23?

Electronic Arts has announced that FIFA 23 will not include any teams from Russia, due to their ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

How do I appeal an EA ban?

Re: How can I appeal a ban, when my EA account says I have no active bans?
  1. Click Contact us at the top of any page on EA Help.
  2. Select the game that your account was banned or suspended from. ...
  3. Choose your platform.
  4. Select Manage my account, then Banned or suspended account.
  5. Fill out any other details below.

Why did i get soft banned on FIFA 23?

What is a Soft Ban? A soft ban occurs when you play too many FUT online matches consecutively. This commonly occurs in friendlies when the community participates in Golden Goal for Icon Swaps.


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